About Jasmine



It was an early start for me…

I received my first mini makeup bag when I was about five. From that point on, a colourful, creative new world opened.  All makeup games at home were to be done by me, and no one could do mine. I can still remember this caused quite a stir with dress ups, and friends who felt it was their turn. This was not negotiable, as I was ‘The Real Makeup Person’ (and I continue to do their makeup to this day).

My eye for colour was trained from an early age by breaking down colours and the mix within them; “Is this a tint, shade or tone?”, “is that a yellow-based red, or a blue-based red?”…etc.


Throughout my early school years, makeup was all I wanted to do.  At fourteen, I received my first professional kit. By fifteen, I had completed my first paid makeup job for The High School Survival Guide. My job was to apply various styles of makeup and hair to all fifteen models.

The magic of film, period makeup and hair, prosthetic makeup and special effects are my passions. I find it incredibly fulfilling to be able to completely transform someone’s appearance by manipulating products and shapes, and turning someone into another character altogether.

I am a professional, fully qualified Sydney-based Hair & Makeup Artist. I specialise in period, SFX makeup/hair for Film & Television and flawless elegance for all special events.

I have completed my full time Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts at The Australian College Of Makeup & Special Effects (ACMUSE).